Hey, Mom!

Have you ever thought that it would be wonderful if your child had one place to record all their livestock achievements, leadership roles, community service activities and time spent with their beloved animals? Us too!

Record Keeping and More

This ultimate free record-keeping resource is the perfect place to store all that valuable information! Your kids will get to log on and record everything they do with their animals and create a scrapbook of their agricultural childhood. You can use this resource to log the same types of questions asked on a 4-H country project record book as well as track additional information from breed associations.

Your Online Record Vault

Think of us like a TurboTax for livestock owners. Each year will “close out” at the end of the year and be stored so you can download or print reports of all your activity from year to year, or collectively! Here’s an example of some of the records that you’ll get to record:

• Personal Information, About Me
• Horse Back Riding Hours, Time spent with your animal
• Achievements, Honors, Recognition
• Community Service
• Leadership and Communication Activities
• A Calendar of Your Current Annual Activities

A Bright Future

We are beginning to work with a number of livestock breed organizations, so be sure to call your animal’s breed organization and request they become a part of this monumental effort! After all, we want to reward you for all the great things you do with your animals, but more importantly, we want you to have all these great accomplishments in one special place! Imagine how much easier college, scholarship and job applications will be in the future if you could just record everything in one simple place.

Sign up now to be notified when this awesome service becomes available this winter! It’s free and easy to use. The coolest part: we suggest you use your smartphone or tablet to maintain your records. Yeah, we planned for that too. We made this free resource so you could be in the middle of a pasture and still keep your account up to date.

Remember, if your animals are a part of a breed organization, ask them to contact us to be a part of this revolutionary (and really cool) record keeper!


Ward Stutz • wstutz@aqha.org
James Youngblood • james@registrationmax.com